by Damon Gorecki
professional freeform carver


A collection of Wood Art Created with Imaginative Passion



An Amalgamation of Artistic Talent, Creative Flare, Imagination, Personality, and Uniqueness. Fine Wood Arts the likes of which you have never seen or experienced. Join us in creating a One of A kind art piece to supplement the Imagination, Personality, and Uniqueness that is You!

Custom Wood Art Pieces

Wood is Organic and so is Wood Art. Ever heard the saying; don’t go against the grain? This is especially true with wood art. Many times Damon does not know what he is going to carve until he gets inside the wood. He is incredibly talented, and when carving, he ebbs and flows with the growth of the wood, letting his hands tell the story. If seeking a unique work of art for yourself, it is important to keep these things in mind.  If you can make a simple request and give Damon artistic license, your piece will turn out Original and Beautiful.

Each Job is unique and presents its challenges that are met with experience, talent, enthusiasm and imagination. Price estimates are determined on a case by case basis. Contact Us Today for your unique work of art!


Would you like a beautifully hand carved bench, chair, swing, table, desk or headboard? Contact Us Today and let us know what you have in mind!


On Site Custom Carving


Have an old wood stump or tree you would like to turn into a work of art? How about Structural carving on a cabin or home or a beautiful piece for your drive or garden spot? Contact Us Today for custom art pieces direct to you and onsite!


For Sale Art Pieces


Not all the pieces in our art collection are listed on our website, however, maybe we have something that is unique to you. Contact Us to inquire!


Fire Pits and Metal Work


If you think we are good with wood, check out our Metal Work! We would consider changing our name to The Barefoot Welder, but Welding in bare feet isn’t the smartest of moves. The work speaks for itself. Our Fire Pits are second to none. Do you have a need for a themed Fire Pit? How about a custom handrail, gate or metal sign? If it's metal, we can make it Art. Contact Us Today for your Custom Metal Work of Art!










Damon Gorecki

Passion, Talent, Imagination; At 30 Damon is one of the world's foremost woodcarvers/artists.


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